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BCS Life Support, LLC is a development stage company with the goal to design, patent, and license
to manufacture cryogenic based breathing devices, equipment, and systems through multiple
distribution channels both foreign and domestic. The company has developed patented technology
(US patent no. 8,899,226) for use in cryogenic breathing apparatuses.

BCS had previously entered into a “Non-reimbursable Space Act Agreement” (SAA) KCA-4129 with
NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. This joint BCS/NASA project demonstrated:
(1) A method to store Liquid Air.
(2) A device that will allow the operation of a cryogenic vessel in any orientation with respect to gravity.
Application patents have been issued to BCS regarding both aspects of the SAA with BCS retaining all
intellectual property rights.  

After successful demonstration of the technology, BCS entered into a Reimbursable Interagency Umbrella Agreement KCA-4357 between NASA, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH),
and the Office of Mine Safety and Health Research (OMSHR). The first of a series of contracts was awarded
to BCS by NASA, which provided funding for BCS to provide the expertise to assist in the design,
fabrication, and testing of cryogenic self-contained breathing apparatuses.  In support of these SCBAs
for use in underground mining, BCS was tasked as well with designing Liquid Air zero-loss storage and
supply and fill systems.